VPS Service Level Agreement.

Last Updated: May 24th, 2018

Rosier Internet Ltd. guarantees 99.99% network availability in a given month for our Virtual Private Servers (VPS), subject to exclusions as defined below:

  • Upgrades, scheduled maintenance, or emergency maintenance windows. 
  • Where it has been identified that the customer’s website and/or server is degrading the overall performance, quality and/or operation of our network.
  • Any customer actions that lead to technical issues, such as custom code or third-party software installed by the customer, wilful misconduct, or breaches of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Periods reported by the customer in which no fault is observed or confirmed by Rosier Internet.
  • Performance degradations and service loss due to Denial of Service attacks or other unlawful attacks.

Network service is only considered unavailable during periods when the servers and/or connectivity are either completely inaccessible or are severely degraded.

In the unlikely event of server hardware failure which cannot be fixed, Rosier Internet guarantees that replacement hardware will be available within four hours of the problem’s diagnosis. If availability falls below this guarantee in any given month we shall credit your account with a half day (12 hours) service credit for each hour that the service is not available, subject to a maximum credit in any one month of 50% of the monthly fee.

To claim your credit, please submit a request in writing to support@rosierinter.net within 7 working days of the incident. This email must be delivered from the e-mail address registered against your account with us.