Helping Restaurants Survive COVID

In March we helped a restaurant in Kent add a takeaway service to their restaurant as Boris announced the first COVID lockdown. Since then they’ve done phenomenally well with it. We want to help you do the same.

The current lockdown may end on December 2nd but at least for the foreseeable future the way you do business and consumer habits are going to be affected.

How a takeaway service on your website will help you

Free up your telephone lines

There is nothing more frustrating when trying to order food than a busy phone line. This solves that. Your site will be able to process as many orders as you can handle.

Payments taken in advance

No need to worry about a customer ordering and then not showing up. They will have paid for the order in advance online. (Processing fees: 20p + 1.4% of the transaction.)

This also means they can just turn up, be handed the food and leave. No hanging around waiting for a card reader to become available.


Free up your staffs time

With less time spent answering the phones and a smoother collection process due to the payments already taken, you can save your staff time meaning they can focus on things that actually require their attention – whether that’s cooking the meals or preparing for the collection to improve customer satisfaction. 

Marketing Opportunities

With each order, you can collect email addresses and order data to personally retarget customers with timely emails encouraging them to return – whether that’s in person (once allowed) or for another takeaway. 

If you wanted to go further and explore social media ads, previous site visitors (or further narrowed down to actual customers) can be retargeted in their social feeds. 

How a takeaway service on your website will work

Customers will be able to view your menu, adding their chosen choices to the basket. Once they’ve finalised their selections, they’ll go to checkout where they will select a date and time that you’ve confirmed you’ll be open and able to accept the order. They’ll pay for their order and both you and the customer will receive an emailed order confirmation. 

Collection Times

You’ll be able to specify the collection times available to suit your schedule, the number of orders that can occur in that time slot and you’ll be able to set a minimum time period for orders to be fulfilled. So if you know orders generally take you 30-minutes to fulfil, and a customer orders at 5:55pm, the first available slot for them will be 6:25pm. 


The Offer

We are still putting the full package together and determining the price, which we’ll communicate to you as quickly as possible, but we expect it to be in the region of £40-50 per month for the software and hosting of the website. The more restaurants that sign up the cheaper the software licensing becomes which we can pass on to you. 

We are also prepared to waive a significant chunk of our own time costs in actually getting the site set-up, including loading all of your data onto the site.

We will be working on a first-come, first-serve basis so please do register your interest below. This is not a commitment to purchase anything, it is just letting us know you’re interested. We are aware of the timing and would look to turn this around as soon as possible (within a week or two) if the interest is there.

  • Only if you already have a website or domain name.