WP Care.

With our WP Care Plan, we ensure that your website software is kept up-to-date, take regularly backups and run security and performance scans to ensure your website is secure and performing to its potential.

Why do I need it:

Just like everything that is connected to the internet (your computer, phone, possibly fridge (it’s coming!)), WordPress websites are susceptible to attack from hackers. In some cases, they wish to take over your site and hold it hostage until you pay a ransom. In others, they merely want to use your hosting package to attack others.

They usually manage to gain entry to your site and hosting package because you aren’t taking the right security precautions; beyond the oridinary like using strong passwords and ensuring you use appropriate file permissions, failing to update software is a primary cause with WordPress websites. The majority of updates are simply to fix security flaws/bugs.

With our package, we cover all bases – we ensure the correct precautions are taken to prevent your website being compromised but have a rock solid backup just in case.

What is included:


We ensure your WordPress components (including WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins) are kept up-to-date, only delaying the update if we believe doing so may cause a risk.


Enhanced Security

From daily security scans that checks for vulnerabilities, malware and ensures your domain isn’t blacklisted to a premium security plugin that can block intruders and provides access logs so we can see who accessed the site, when and any significant changes they may have made.


We take daily backups of your website so if the worst happens, we can recover the website quickly. All backups are kept for 90-days.



By keeping an eye on your website, we can usually notice issues before they become problems. This may be that our monthly performance scan indicates a new image hasn’t been optimised and as such is affecting the sites load speed. Or we may notice a plugin that hasn’t been updated by it’s developer in quite some time, which can indicate the developer is no longer actively updating the plugin, which could potentially cause a security or compatibility issue going forward.



WordPress Website

Your website must be running on WordPress. We can’t support any other CMS.


Host with Rosier Internet

You must already be hosting your website with us, before you can sign up.

Sign Up:

If you’re happy to sign up to our WP Care Plan, simply contact Support. From there, we’ll take an in-depth look at your site just to make sure everything is OK and then set everything up for you.

You’ll be required to set-up a Direct Debit through our partners at GoCardless, we’ll send you instructions.


If you have any questions at all, just email support or use our contact form.